• Bicycle Recycle Cooperative

    The Bloomington Community Bike Project is a local cooperative that helps people recycle bikes into the community. Whether you have one to give, don't have one and need one, need to fix one that is on the skids, or want to volunteer to help people do all of the above -- this is the place to come!

  • Build, Buy, or Earn a Recycled Bicycle!

    At the Bloomington Community Bike Project there is loads to do. We can help you fix your bike, we can sell you one of our refurbished beauties, or you can volunteer 3 hours of labor and then build your own bike FOR FREE!

    Or, you are welcome to work on your own bike with our specialty tools. We also sell parts at discounted rates!!

  • Non-Profit Volunteer Run

    The Bloomington Community Bike Project is a non-profit, volunteer run, initiative which is facilitated by the 501(c)3 corporation,
    The Center for Sustainable Living

    Anyone can volunteer, and we are ALWAYS in need of more! Seriously. Even during the winter.

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Have a Donation?

At the Bloomington Community Bike Project we take just about anything. If you have an old clunker laying around, have recently traded up, or have uncovered a gold mine of old parts in your garage --- we need 'em. Please bring your donations by during Shop Hours, or Contact the Project with any questions. Thank you! Someone will gain a lot from your generosity.


This program is what puts the project on the map! Anyone, anytime, at any location can come down and volunteer three hours of hard labor around the shop. In return they will be allowed to BUILD a bike for FREE using our collection of frames and gently used parts! We have a constant flow of donated bikes to choose from! They are in different levels of disrepair; from frame to functional, and they just need some loving (and guided) attention to get them back on the road, and you off the bus! So come down and help us out for a few hours, and then start to put together a well earned set wondering wheels!